Cooked meat

Our Story

Red Desert BBQ was started out of a love of BBQ and making it the right way. Red Desert BBQ was started by Pit Master David Martin as a food truck.  after a couple successful years, he wanted to start a brick and mortar. Red Desert BBQ and Catering LLC was formed, and a location was procured. 4 partners began the work to turn the dream into a reality. Lots of hard work, sweat and effort poured into making the business everything we wanted it to be. Painting, decorating, advertising and setting up all the books. With lots of excitement and little sleep we are there and opening the doors.

Our Approach

we believe that great BBQ is in the preparation of the meat not the sauce.  when you use the best ingredients and combine them in the right way the meat just has a wonderful flavor and you dont want to ruin that with a sauce.   To truly be great BBQ the meat has to be able to stand on its own.  ours does.

Meet the Team

Pit Master (2)

David Martin

Pit Master Our Pitmaster David is a Cordon Bleu Chef turned Pit Master after 20 years of perfecting his secret spices rub.  The meat is cooked to perfection after being prepped with the secret rub by David every day.


Brice Nickelsen

Finance Brice is our Finance specialist.  He handles the office/book keeping work and keeps us afloat with a budget.  He brings with him a long history of finance and running a business.


Shelley Martin

Operations Shelley is the wife of David and has poured her heart into making this a wonderful business.  Shelley has done all the d├ęcor you see in the restaurant.  She brings a bubbly personality to the front and a knowledge of operations to run the restaurant. She trains our staff and handles the day to day operations with a finesse of a long-time pro.