California pizza kitchen the original hand-tossed bbq chicken pizza

How many calories are in a California Pizza Kitchen BBQ Chicken pizza?


How many inches are California Pizza Kitchen pizzas?

The pizzas may be ordered in small (around 10 inches ), or large or kiddie (around 8 inches ) pies. The pizza crust is soft and the pizzas are not overwhelmed with cheese. The cheese pizza is good, the pepperoni, delicious.

How much does it cost to eat at California Pizza Kitchen?

California Pizza Kitchen Menu Prices

Food Price
Classic Caesar $8.39 – $12.39
Waldorf Chicken $11.99 – $15.99
The Original BBQ Chicken Chopped $11.69 – $15.69
Original Crust Pizzas

Why is California Pizza Kitchen closing?

13. How many locations are closing ? Prior to the filing in July, CPK closed several company owned restaurants in the U.S. due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and lease related challenges with our landlords.

Is frozen California Pizza Kitchen Healthy?

“My husband ranks it as a top frozen pizza —and not just a top healthy frozen pizza ,” Jones adds. “The ingredients in this CPK pizza are totally recognizable, and the sugar and sodium content is lower than many other pizzas ,” says dietitian Maggie Michalczyk, RD, who recommends pairing it with a big salad.

How long do you cook a California Pizza Kitchen pizza?

Bake: 15– 16 min . of baking time is usually just right for a crispy delicious pizza. Keep frozen.

What is healthy at California Pizza Kitchen?

Four R.D.s share their top healthy menu items at CPK: Wild Mushroom Pizza. Courtesy of California Pizza Kitchen. Banh Mi Power Bowl. Courtesy of California Pizza Kitchen. Lettuce Wraps. Courtesy of CPK. California Veggie Pizza. Quinoa and Arugula Salad . Shanghai Power Bowl. Classic Caesar. Hearth-Roasted Halibut.

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Where can I buy California Pizza Kitchen frozen pizza?

California Pizza Kitchen : Frozen Pizza : Target.

Can you make your own pizza at California Pizza Kitchen?

Any menu-listed pizza can be prepared as a Take and Bake Pizza . All Take and Bake Pizzas are prepared on hand-tossed dough unless otherwise requested. Available on Cauliflower Crust for an additional charge.

Do you get bread at California Pizza Kitchen?

We give bread as often as requested.

What should I buy at CPK?

Next time you go to CPK , you simply must try. Brussels and Bacon Flatbread & Smoked Ham and Swiss Flatbread. Hearth Roasted Halibut. Roasted Artichoke and Spinach Thin Crust Pizza. Mahi Mahi Tacos. Key Lime Pie. Butter Cake with ice cream. S’mores.

Who owns California Pizza Kitchen?

California Pizza Kitchen

Type Private
Key people Jim Hyatt (CEO)
Products Pizzas, pastas, salads, small plates, and desserts
Services Polished casual dining restaurant
Owner Golden Gate Capital

Is CPK closing down?

As part of its restructuring plan, CPK will have to close unprofitable locations, but the final number remains to be seen. California Pizza Kitchen joins a long list of major restaurant chains that have filed for bankruptcy during COVID-19. It’s no surprise that the pandemic has hit restaurants — and hard.

What happened MidiCi pizza?

MidiCi Neapolitan Pizza Company has closed its location on The Avenue at White Marsh. “All good things must come to an end, and sadly it is our turn,” reads a post on the company’s Instagram page. MidiCi opened their doors on The Avenue in November 2017, making for just over a two-year run.

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Does CPK do takeout?

We are open for take out or delivery via CPK .com, CPK Rewards TM app or one of our national delivery partners – Uber Eats, Postmates, Doordash, or Grubhub and in restaurant dining in select locations.

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