Carl’s jr charbroiled bbq chicken sandwich

How many calories in a Carl’s Jr BBQ chicken sandwich?

390 calories

How much is a charbroiled chicken sandwich at Carl’s Jr?

Hardee’s / Carl’s Jr. Menu Prices

Charbroiled Chicken Club$5.29
Charbroiled Chicken Club – Combo $7.79
Big Hot Ham ‘n’ Cheese$4.39
Big Hot Ham ‘n’ Cheese – Combo$6.89

What’s the healthiest thing to eat at Carl’s Jr?

Technically, the healthiest item on the Carl’s Jr . menu is the charbroiled chicken salad (320 cals), but the healthiest sandwich would have to be the similar charbroiled BBQ chicken sandwich, which is 390 calories.

Does Carl’s Jr have chicken sandwiches?

Carl’s Jr . and Hardee’s, renowned for their history of innovative burgers and sandwiches , announced a dynamic lineup of no antibiotic ever charbroiled chicken sandwiches . Carl’s Jr . The new charbroiled chicken lineup also includes the Charbroiled Chicken Club and the Charbroiled BBQ Chicken Sandwich .

How much is the spicy chicken sandwich at Carl’s Jr?

Other Carl’s Jr. Items

Spicy Chickensandwich only $1.99
Spicy Chickencombo$4.49
Big Hamburgersandwich only $1.99
Big Hamburgercombo$4.99

Does Carl’s Jr only serve breakfast in the morning?

Serve Breakfast All Day? Carl’s Jr . does not serve breakfast 24 hours a day, and they do not serve lunch during breakfast hours either. However, the breakfast burger is available all day, so breakfast is available 24/7…

Is Carl’s Jr better than Mcdonalds?

Carl’s Jr . and McDonald’s are both burger-focused fast-food chains, but one is much bigger than the other. I found that the food wasn’t the deciding factor: Carl’s Jr . had a slightly better burger and much better fries, but McDonald’s remains the more beloved brand.

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What is the best Carl Jr burger?

Carl’s Jr. reveals top-selling burger The Six Dollar version of the Western Bacon Cheeseburger . The Low Carb Six Dollar Burger is a protein lovers dream. Believe it or not, Carl’s Jr. has a lot of chicken options on its menu, including this BBQ Chicken sandwich . The Famous Star is a go-to burger for anyone who wants to taste a classic Carl’s Jr.

Is Carl’s Jr really charbroiled?

Carl’s Jr . has been serving up charbroiled hamburgers across the west and southwest for 60 some years, and what started as a small-time hot dog stand has now expanded across the country.

Does Carl’s Jr have Coke or Pepsi?

Choose from a variety of soft drinks: Coca- Cola ®, Diet Coke ®, Sprite®, Cherry Coke ®, Coke Zero® , Dr Pepper®, Diet Dr Pepper®, Barq’s Root Beer®, Powerade® Mountain Blast and more. Cookies help us improve your website experience.

Is Carl’s Jr bad for you?

Carl’s Jr . almost tops it. Any amount of trans fat is considered very unhealthy , and six of their breakfast sandwiches have six grams of it. If you go, eat a healthy breakfast at home and instead order a Charbroiled Chicken Salad or a BBQ Chicken Sandwich.

Does Carl’s Jr Do lettuce wrap burgers?

Carl’s Jr . and Hardee’s Original Thickburger Lettuce Wrap : 1/3 lb. 100% Angus beef patty, charbroiled over an open flame, topped with melted American cheese, fresh tomato, red onion, pickle, mayo, ketchup and mustard, wrapped in fresh iceberg lettuce . Pricing starts at Carl’s Jr .

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