Phils bbq san diego

What should I get at Phil’s BBQ?

My two picks: The fall-off-the-bone Babyback Ribs and BBQ Broham sandwich. The ribs are just the right amount if smoky, and are slathered in a don’t-want-to-waste-a-drop sauce. The BBQ Broham sandwich has pork that is seasoned and char-grilled, then topped with a bed of cole slaw and BBQ sauce on chewy bun.

Where can I buy Phil’s BBQ sauce?


Does Phil’s BBQ take reservations?

Phil’s BBQ Restaurant Info and Reservations .

Who owns Phil’s BBQ?

owner Phil Pace

Does Phil’s BBQ serve alcohol?

Local ‘cue all-star revamps bar, installs San Diego suds The name Phil’s BBQ is synonymous with San Diego‚Ķ much like handles such as AleSmith, Ballast Point, and Karl Strauss. In addition to craft beer, artisanal cocktails and higher-grade spirits are also available.

How do you reheat Lucille’s ribs?

1. Place the aluminum tray with ribs and/or chicken into a preheated oven and bake approximately 20 minutes. 2. After 20 minutes, remove the lid, baste with BBQ sauce and continue to heat for approximately ten minutes.

Is Phil’s BBQ Sauce gluten free?

The bbq sauce is gluten free ! You are good for the slaw, baked beans, fries, ranch, potato salad, bbq sauce , all the salad dressings!

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