What wine goes with bbq chicken

What kind of wine goes with BBQ?

BBQ wine suggestions at a glance: Steak – Malbec , Syrah/Shiraz . Burgers – Zinfandel , Grenache blends (like Côtes du Rhône), Cabernet Sauvignon . Sausages – Tempranillo, Gamay, Pinot Noir. BBQ chicken – Warmer climate Chardonnay. Pork chops – Valpolicella, Barbera, Riesling, dry rosé

What wine goes well with jerk chicken?

Jerk seasoning, for example, is generally made with the hottest of chili peppers. A light crisp, dry white wine with lush flavors of citrus and other fruit such as peach pair well with Caribbean cuisine. Consequently, high tannic red wine can increase the heat found in spicy foods.

Can you pair red wine with chicken?

Pinot isn’t the only red wine to pair with chicken , of course. In general, look for fruit-forward wines with low tannins and relatively good acidity to help lift the dish.

What kind of wine goes with pulled pork?

Pulled pork dishes can work well with white wines, preferably those with enough acidity and fresh fruit to cut through the flavours of the pork: Semillon- Sauvignon Blends, Riesling , Semillon, Verdelho and Arneis would all be good choices.

What Alcohol goes well with BBQ?

5 Best Alcohol & BBQ Pairings March 08 2017 Beer . While certain beers may work better with certain sauces, beer is a great pairing for any BBQ meal. Red wine . Red wine has been known to pair perfectly with meat. Bourbon . Bourbon is from the south, and so is Bar-B-Q! Rosé Whiskey .

What drink goes best with BBQ?

What to Drink With: Barbecue Food Sparkling Wine. Sparkling wines beat the heat and play well with almost any grilled food. White Wine . White wines are clearly suited to grilled fish and chicken, and some pork recipes, even those that call for blackened preparations or spice rubs. Rosé Red Wine .

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What red wine goes with roast chicken?

pinot noir

Does Cabernet Sauvignon go with chicken?

You’d be surprised at how many chicken dishes can sing with aromatic red wines. Pair coq au vin with your favourite red wine, Shiraz, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Tempranillo, Barbera or a GSM blend. You might also find it works well with Cabernet Sauvignon , but some may be too structured and tannic for the chicken .

What red wine goes with fried chicken?

Wine and Cheese Pairings Tempranillo – Savory notes and fat-softening tannins make this wine a winner. Riesling – Aromatic sweetness and high acidity in Riesling cut through fat and embellish the umami notes in fried chicken. Lambrusco – The tannin and acid in this oft-maligned Italian red wine plays well with fats.

What Alcohol goes well with pork?

Wine and Pork Pairing Traditionally wine is a great pairing for pork due to its naturally high acidity and in the case of red wines , tannins, Look for lighter bodied wines to complement lighter textured meats, and heavier wines for fuller flavored cuts.

Do you drink red or white wine with pork?


PreparationSuggested Wine Accompaniment
HamBeaujolais, Riesling, Vouvray, Gewurztraminer , Merlot
Pork ChopsBeaujolais, Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc
Pork Tenderloin Pinot Noir , Zinfandel, Super Tuscan, Chianti
Roast PorkBeaujolais, Pinot Noir , Dry Gewurztraminer , Chardonnay

What should I serve pulled pork with?

View All 1 of 16 Tomato Salad With Pickled Onion. 2 of 16 Macaroni and Cheese. 3 of 16 Creamy Potato Salad With Bacon. 4 of 16 Creamy Corn Pudding. 5 of 16 Maple Corn Bread. 6 of 16 Tangy Red Cabbage Slaw. 7 of 16 Herb Potato Salad. 8 of 16 Collard Greens With Bacon.

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