Where to bbq in nyc

Are BBQS allowed in NYC?

The use of a charcoal, electric, or piped natural gas or propane barbecue indoors, or on any commercial property, or on any sidewalk or street, is illegal . In all cases, barbecues must be at least 10 feet away from any material that may burn, and a portable fire extinguisher or garden hose must be available for use.

Is it illegal to BBQ on the sidewalk in NYC?

Grilling on the sidewalk is not permitted by the Fire Code and is a sidewalk obstruction. There’s always the park! The NYC Department of Parks and Recreation allows grilling in designated areas.

Are NYC parks open for BBQ?

All parks prohibit open fires, ground fires and propane. Parties of 20 or more in city parks must obtain a special-events permit for $25 (processing takes approximately one month) ( Manhattan : 212-408-0226; Brooklyn: 718-965-8912; Queens: 718-393-7272; nyceventpermits. nyc .gov/ parks ).

Where do you place a BBQ?

Always place grills on a flat, clean surface away from any potentially flammable debris such as rubbish bins or mulch. The same goes for low-lying trees and hedges. Make sure there are no low-hanging branches in the vicinity of your BBQ .

Are fire pits legal in NYC?

A: Fire pits are illegal in New York City because they are considered open flames, which are strictly prohibited. The firefighters “would give those using the fire pit an opportunity to personally correct or we would extinguish” the fire , said Jim Long, an FDNY spokesman.

Are propane tanks illegal in NYC?

Propane Gas Barbecues While propane tanks cannot be stored on roofs, you may use a propane tank that’s smaller than 16.4 ounces for a short period of time on a roof. For a one- or two-family home, a propane barbecue grill is permitted — with no more than two 20-pound LPG tanks . See NYC Fire Code §307.5.

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Can you have a grill on a deck?

Always grill outdoors. Grills must be 10-feet from the side of a building unless the manufacturer’s instructions say it can be closer. Make sure grills are not underneath overhanging branches. Grills cannot be used on a porch, balcony or deck with a roof, overhang or wall (other than the exterior of the building).

Can I barbecue on my balcony?

Can you have a bbq on an apartment balcony ? Yes, you can , if you choose an electric grill , which is clearly the best grill for apartment balcony to stay out of trouble. Electric grills built for apartments often can smoke food in a similar fashion to charcoal grills.

Can I have a BBQ in my backyard?

In areas where backyard burning is prohibited, there are only certain situations where fires can be lit outside in New South Wales . These include: barbecues or camping. authorised fire-fighting training.

Can you grill in Central Park?

Grilling or Barbecuing is not allowed in Central Park , except on three specific days each year. These days are the only exceptions to the rules, which are strictly enforced in the park : Memorial Day*

Can you bring a grill to Jones Beach?

If you don’t have a grill , these state Long Island beaches and parks do , and you can bring in your food, set the picnic table and light a cooking fire. JONES BEACH STATE PARK , 1 Ocean Pkwy., Wantagh, 516-785- 1600, nysparks.com .

Can you grill in Van Cortlandt Park?

There are two locations where you can Barbecue in Van Cortlandt Park : Shandler Recreation Area, off Jerome Avenue. The lawn behind the Van Cortlandt Nature Center, temporarily (while the permanent BBQ area next to the pool is being upgraded) off Broadway & Manhattan College Parkway.

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How far should a BBQ be from the house?

10 feet

How close can a barbecue be to a house?

For propane or gas barbecue grills, the safest place to use them is on the ground, away from patios, decks, terraces or roofs. The 3 m (10 foot) recommended distance is a safe standard to apply anywhere.

When should you cook on a BBQ?

Wait until your charcoal has burned to an even temperature before placing any meat on the grill grates. When the charcoal firsts turns white, it is hot on the outside, but still cool on the inside. You want to wait until at least 2/3rds of the charcoal have turned white and the charcoal has stopped smoking.

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