Bbq near arrowhead stadium

What is there to do around Arrowhead Stadium?

Things to Do near Arrowhead Stadium Kauffman Stadium . #13 of 153 things to do in Kansas City. Missouri Welcome Center. #2 of 7 things to do in Missouri City. Bingham Waggoner Mansion & Estate. #1 of 38 things to do in Independence. Pioneer Trails Adventures. Barley Bus Tours. The Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. National WWI Museum and Memorial. Segway, Bike & Stroll.

How early should I get to Arrowhead Stadium?

He says serious tailgaters need to arrive early . Gates swing open three and a half hours before the start of the game, and as games typically begin at noon, 8:30 A.M. would mark the beginning of Arrowhead tailgate time.

Can I bring a blanket into Arrowhead Stadium?

TRAFFIC: Construction continues around Arrowhead Stadium and is likely to cause delays. UMBRELLA POLICY: Fans are allowed to bring “small compact umbrellas” into the stadium as well as blankets carried over the shoulder.

Who has the best barbecue in Kansas City?

Best Kansas City BBQ Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque . Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue. Q39. Jones BBQ. Plowboys BBQ. Gates Bar-B-Q. Woodyard Bar-B-Que. Three words: Burnt. LC’s Bar-B-Q. This roadside dive is as authentic as it gets, offering counter service, disposable tableware and no-frills decor.

What can you bring into Arrowhead Stadium?

Guests should only bring necessary items that can fit in their pockets. For guests with medical or childcare related needs such as diapers, wipes, formula, bottles or breast pumps, those items must be brought in a clear plastic bag and guests should present their bag to staff during the screening process.

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How far is Arrowhead Stadium from downtown Kansas City?

8 miles

Where does Uber drop off at Arrowhead Stadium?

Missouri Welcome Center

How much is zTrip to Arrowhead?

What are the zTrip rates? Taxi rates are approximately $2.00*/mile with a $10.00 minimum – and a black sedan is $3/mile (wait charges may apply in heavy traffic).

How early should I get to a football game?

If you are only coming to see the match, we recommend that you get to the Stadium at least half an hour before kickoff.

How do you stay warm at Arrowhead Stadium?

“Bring a piece of cardboard or carpet to stand on,” Stone advised to fellow Chief supporters. “Because when you’re standing on that concrete, your feet will get so cold. Put feet warmers in your boots before you put your feet in there, hand warmers bring those, and thermals of course.”

Can you bring a blanket into an NFL game?

Blankets , which don’t fall under the NFL’s bag policy, are still permitted inside stadiums. The only exception to the new bag rule is for people bringing medically necessary items into the stadium. Each stadium will have a separate entrance where medically necessary items can be inspected.

How much is a beer at Arrowhead?

Kansas City Chiefs | Arrowhead Stadium The Chiefs used to be one of the teams that demanded double-digit prices for draft beer , but that changed this year when they dropped the cost of a brewski from $10 to $7.50.

Why is Kansas City famous for BBQ?

The key to the quintessential Kansas City barbecue sauce is a combination of Midwest tomatoes and molasses, with a bit of pepper and spices, making it sweet and thick, according to the Saveur and Experience KC . The city’s first barbecuer – Perry – was known for smoking meats for hours on a bed of oak and hickory wood.

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What makes KC BBQ different?

When compared to other prominent styles, Kansas City style sauces are sweet and thick. The recipe usually includes a base made with tomato and molasses, and you may find brown sugar as well. The sauce is cooked into the meat or brushed on immediately after cooking.

What city has the best BBQ?


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