Bear mountain state park bbq area

Can you BBQ at Bear Mountain?

Grilling allowed but no built in Grills/ grill pits. Bear Mountain is part of the Appalachian Trail so found grills may be a treasure for hungry hikers!

Is Bear Mountain State Park open?

Anthony Wayne Recreation Area – Harriman State Park ( Bear Mountain ): Closed to the public for hiking, recreational activity, and other park related access. The area currently serves as a drive-through COVID-19 testing facility.

Where can I picnic at Bear Mountain?

Best Picnic Spots near Bear Mountain , NY 10911 Bear Mountain State Park. 1.5 mi. 225 reviews. Croton Gorge Park. 8.0 mi. 35 reviews. Harriman State Park. 4.6 mi. 77 reviews. Anthony’s Nose. 3.0 mi. 32 reviews. Charles Point Pier Park. 3.4 mi. Parks. Perkins Memorial Tower. 1.9 mi. 16 reviews. George’s Island Park. 4.5 mi. Parks. 7 Lakes Drive. 6.7 mi. 18 reviews.

Why is Bear Mountain closed?

Bear Mountain State Park, Harriman State Park, Minnewaska State Park Preserve and Sam’s Point are typically closed before noon on days the weather is nice due to large crowds. New York State Parks & Historic Sites has been forced to close because all were too crowded for the hikers to practice social distancing.

Are there bears in Bear Mountain?

Ed McGowan, the director of Trailside Museum and Zoo at Bear Mountain State Park, said that in the 15 years he has worked at Bear Mountain , there has been a definite increase in bears roaming the area. Even though the zoo has its own bears , non-zoo bears sometimes end up wandering the premises.

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Can you swim at Bear Mountain?

Bear Mountain State Park is situated in rugged mountains rising from the west bank of the Hudson River. The park features a large play field, shaded picnic groves, lake and river fishing access, a swimming pool, Trailside Museums and Zoo, hiking, biking and cross-country ski trails.

Do you have to pay for parking at Bear Mountain?

DAY PARKING RATE $20 paid parking will be extended to all BBMR lots – including remote lots – on weekends (Friday-Sunday) and holidays during the 20/21 season per car, per day.

How long does it take to climb Bear Mountain?

about two hours

Do you have to pay to go to Bear Mountain?

Entrance fee was $10.00 per vehicle. There was heavy traffic on the Palisades Parkway getting into the park. By noon, the park was at full capacity and the entrance was blocked. Go early,bring your picnic and enjoy Bear Mountain .…

Can you fly a drone in Bear Mountain?

To fly in Harriman State Park, Bear Mountain State Park or any NY State Park requires a permit. I have done both. However, do not expect a permit to be issued during peak use times of parks. Generally dead of winter and during the week is your best chance to get a permit issued.

How do you get to Bear Mountain from NYC?

Bear Mountain Peekskill: Via Metro-North, take the Hudson Line from Grand Central Terminal to the Peekskill station. A ten-minute taxi ride up to Bear Mountain will cost your group about $25 one-way. Approximately 1.5 hours. Base of Bear Mountain : Via Port Authority Bus Terminal, take the bus.

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Is Bear Mountain dog friendly?

Bear Mountain State Park comprises more than 5,000 mountainous acres on the west side of the Hudson River. Its 50 hiking trails are all pet friendly . Just keep your pooch on a 6-foot leash.

How far is Bear Mountain from Manhattan?

37 miles

How far is Bear Mountain State Park from NYC?

39 miles

How far is Bear Mountain from Queens?

44 miles

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