Mookata traditional thai bbq singapore

Where can I eat Mookata in Singapore?

5 Best Mookata Restaurants in Singapore As Recommended by Thais Cheese Story. Source: Cheese Story | Facebook. Siam Square Mookata . Source: Siam Square Mookata | Facebook. New Udon Moo-Kata . Source: New Udon Moo-Kata | Facebook. ORTO Mookata . Source: ORTO | Facebook. Bangkok Street Mookata .

What is Thai Mookata?

‘ Mookata ‘ loosely translates from Thai to mean ‘pork’ and ‘skillet’. It originates from Northern Thailand , though one may argue how its signature ‘dome-shape hotpot’ came about. I love having mookata because it’s an amalgamation of barbeque and steamboat–the best of both worlds.

How much is Mookata?

Mookata Thai BBQ (Aroy Jing Jing) Prices are usually on the steep side – it’s $29.90 ++ (Mon- Thurs) / $32.90 ++ (Fri- Sun, PH, eve of PH) for both lunch and dinner. This is the price for the full buffet that’s inclusive of seafood.

How do you eat a Mookata?

To eat Mookata , first one has to lather the pork lard provided (Yes, not butter or oil but pork lard) to grease the metal skillet, which you then use to grill the meats. The surface eventually gets really charred though. Simple soup is also poured into the moat surrounding the skillet.

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