Jet’s pizza aloha bbq chicken

What is on a Jets BBQ Chicken pizza?

With grilled chicken , bacon, red onion and sweet BBQ sauce, this pizza is what dreams are made of.

How much is a large pizza at Jets?

Jet’s Pizza Prices

FoodSize Price
Jet 10Small$13.44
Jet 10Medium$16.94
Jet 10 Large$19.45
Jet 108 Corner$23.94

What is Jets Detroit style pizza?

But what characterizes Jet’s Detroit – Style pizza is a light airy center, loaded with toppings, surrounded by caramelized cheese and a crispy, square, golden crust that is baked to perfection,. The magic comes from our signature steel Pizza pans.

How big is a Jets 4 Corner Pizza?

Available in Small (6 Slices), 4 Corner Pizza ® ( 4 Slices), Large (10 slices), 8 Corner Pizza (8 Slices), X- Large (15 Slices), Party Tray (30 Slices), Deep Dish Duo (6 Slices).

What is an 8 Corner Pizza?

The corner pieces are especially crunchy and caramelized, which explains why Jet’s has coined something called the 8 Corner Pizza —basically two small pizzas put together in a large box, so all eight slices have those crispy corners .

What is Turbo crust Jets Pizza?

Turbo Crust is a pizza “topping” offered by Michigan-based pizza chain Jet’s Pizza . One of Jet’s menu offers the option ” Turbo Crust ,” in which they sprinkle garlic and romano cheese and glaze the crust with butter. One of Game Society’s food connoisseur, Emre, highly praises this pizza option.

How many slices are in a large deep dish pizza?


What is the difference between Chicago and Detroit style pizza?

Chicago deep-dish pizza , round in shape, is like a deep “dish ,” not a super-thick crust. Traditional Detroit – style pizza is square in shape. It features a thick, airy crust that’s similar to Sicilian pizza . It bakes inside an oiled steel pan, and comes out crispy and light, according to Slice.

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How many slices is in a large pizza?

10 slices

Who has Detroit style pizza?

Loui’s Pizza . Detroit , United States of America. Niki’s Pizza . Detroit , United States of America. Detroit Style Pizza Company. Detroit , United States of America. Emmy Squared. New York City, United States of America. Via 313 Pizza . Austin, United States of America. Brown Dog Pizza . Blue Pan Pizza . Cloverleaf Bar & Restaurant.

What is the difference between Sicilian and New York style pizza?

An authentic Sicilian pizza or sfincione is made with a thick, spongy dough. For New York – style Sicilian pizza , the same kind of spongy dough is pressed into a well-oiled square baking pan but topped with tomato sauce and mozzarella cheese, preferably fresh.

What is on a Chicago style pizza?

Thus, Chicago style pizzas are built in the following order: crust, cheese, toppings, tomato sauce. Thin slices of pizza can only hold so many toppings before they collapse or get soggy. But a deep-dish pizza has room for a larger quantity of toppings, because the crust is sturdier.

How much is a large deep dish from Jets?

Jets Pizza Menu Prices

Choice of Pizza Crust: Deep Dish, Hand Tossed Round, NY Style or Thin
Premium Mozzarella CheeseSmall$7.99
Premium Mozzarella CheeseMedium$9.99
Premium Mozzarella CheeseLarge $11.00

How many does a Jets Party Salad Feed?

Served with 12 oz. Party Sized Salads .

OrderPcs. Feeds

Does Jet’s Pizza use real cheese?

Better, because it has to be. To this day, Jet’s ® stands for the freshest vine-ripened tomatoes, Italian herbs and spices, dough prepared by hand each day, and hand-grated, premium mozzarella cheese .

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